Tamás Balogh became captivated by Titanic after seeing the artwork of Willy Stöwer Sinking of the Titanic and began what would become a lifetime's hobby collecting informations and memorabilia of ocean liners and other parts of the maritime history. He made his first digital reconstruction of Titanic's profile drawing in 2002 and now has a collection of over a half thousand profiles of famous ocean liners. He is the president of the Hungarian Association of the Maritime History, Modelling and Tadition, and a member of a number of Titanic societies and historical expert of international diving expeditions. He is the author of eight books about the maritime history in Hungarian language, and numerous articles in the Hungarian permutation of the BBC History (6), in the National Geographic Magazine (7) and on the magazine's website (15). His previous work is titled In the shadow of the Titanic (in Hungarian) about Dr. Árpád Lengyel (the Hungarian doctor, who was in charge on board of the Carpathia during the rescue of Titanic survivors) together the doctor's granddaughter in 2012. His next job is the "Liners - great pictorial encyclopaedia of giant passenger steamships" featuring the history of ocean-going passenger steamers from 1838 to 2003.

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