Bernard, Claude, Huette, Charles: Hand-Atlas der chirurgischen Operationslehre mit Einschluss der chirurgischen Anatomie und Instrumentenlehre. Leipzig, Rob.Hoffmann, 1860. 136 p., 88 T. ill., Vk. 18 cm.

Claude Bernard (1813-1878) was an outstanding and appreciated scientist of the time.His scientific work revolutionized the research method of surgery, neurology and phisyology.

the original book "Précis iconographique de médecine opératoire et d'anatomie chirurgicale" was first published in Paris in 1854 with detailed,precise illustrations on surgical operations together with the necessary explanations.

Being the most uptodate manual for surgeons at the time this book was the real must have for every professional.Even the size of it shows that it was written for doctors for everyday use.

It did not take more than 6 years  from the first publication that it was translated to German and  it became so popular in Germany, Austria and other countries that in one year three more editions were published.

This reprint edition was made after the third edition fron Leipzig.